Rob’s toolbox: Ninite

I always used to download and update my programs the hard way. I would wait until the programs complain that an update is available. From there I would download the update and patch the program. I sure many of you do the same thing. It’s quite time consuming, until I discovered Ninite.

Ninite is a service that supports the installation and update of multiple programs simultaneously. The Ninite service supports a number of popular programs including iTunes, Skype, and Steam. The way Ninite works is you visit the Ninite website and select the program(s) that you wish to update or install then click the “get installer” button and your computer will download a program that will install and update the programs you selected in the background without any configuration required. Ninite will install the programs in their default locations and with the default settings.

Ninite is very easy to use, I’ll demonstrate it below:

Ninite website
Open your favorite web browser and head to
Ninite screen showing programs
As you can see on the bottom of the Ninite website are the programs that the Ninite installer supports.
Ninite screen with programs selected
Click the boxes next to the programs you wish to have Ninite install and update. Then click get installer.
Ninite installer screen
Next you will see this screen. It shows what programs you want downloaded , a confirmation page of sorts. Click download installer to download the Ninite program. You can either choose to run the program or save the program to your computer. I recommend saving the program because then you can run it at any time to update to programs you selected. Ninite will usually download the program to the default location (which is the user downloads folder) unless you specify somewhere else.


Locate the Ninite program icon and double click it to run it. After that Ninite will take care of the rest.
Locate the Ninite program icon and double click it to run it. After that Ninite will take care of the rest.

Ninite is a fantastic tool that will save time when updating and installing programs on computers. For my next post I’m going to start diving into my specialty: digital forensics. This post will explain what digital forensics is and why it is important today. Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions or concerns please comment below.


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