Welcome to hacking defense

It is the golden age of hacking. The everyday computer user can easily get their hands on a hacking platform and start hacking anything they wish. Everyday tens of thousands if not millions of hacking attempts against computer systems are made. Financial and healthcare organizations are among the biggest targets for hackers. As of this writing 2 major retail store breaches have occurred: Target and Home Depot. The Target breach cost credit unions and banks an estimated $200 million dollars. With the Home Depot breach an estimated 56 million credit cards were stolen. Most organizations have vast security measures in place that help protect their assets from these hacking attempts. But what about the average user? These are most likely not in place to protect them. The average user does their banking and other sensitive activities using their home network. What is stopping the hackers from trying to get a hold of your information? Most people would say “I will never get hacked.” or “It will never happen to me.” In the IT security world it’s a matter of when not if you’re going to be hacked. There are many free tools and techniques that can be used in the home network to instantly help protect against hacking attempts. This blog will cover security techniques as well as information security news and how to use the tools in the home. Join me as I lift the veil on many of the secrets that will help in protecting your valuable information from cyber crime.


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